Guinness 'officially done with the colour black', tells fans to drink Carlsberg instead

Ireland's famous beer has weighed in on its country's Rugby World Cup loss - telling fans to drink something else. 

Guinness Ireland's Twitter page shared a message, begging fans to turn to Carlsberg if they were looking for a drink to quench their thirst. 

Their reason? Simply that they're done with the colour black after the 46-14 thrashing in Tokyo overnight.

"Have a pint of Carlsberg," it said. "We're officially done with the colour black today."

Not all fans could avoid the blackout though.

"Arrived back at my friend's place, he offered a beer," one person replied. "'No Guinness please,' I say, so he gives me a Sapporo... BLACK LABEL !!! Ouch... no getting away today."

There's a catch though - In Ireland, Carlsberg is brewed under licence by the same company that owns Guinness - Diageo. 

The tweet had been liked by more than 12,000 people as of Sunday morning.