Internet fumes over the price of Burger Fuel

The internet is fuming over the price of Burger Fuel after a post showing what you get for $30.

The image, shared to Reddit, shows a squashed burger, drink and fries.

"$27.30 later I remembered why I don't eat Burger Fuel often. I hope staff at least get paid well," a user wrote.

The amount of money paid for this meal has drawn comparisons with what else you could buy for that amount of money.

"Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Burger Fuel and it tastes f**king heaps better than McDonalds, KFC, Burger King or any of the alternatives, but you could get two curries, two things of rice and a bottle of L&P for that," one person commented.

What can $27.30 get you at other fast food companies?


In comparison, an original double pizza at Hell Pizza will set you back $19, and garlic bread another $6 - total cost $25.

At Dominoes, two large traditional pizzas plus garlic bread and a 1.5-litre drink will cost $29 delivered. Value range pizzas are $5 each for pickup.

In Auckland, Big J's 'Classic Cheese' burger will cost $8.5. Turning this into a burger combo with 200g chips with aioli and a 420ml drink will add $6, for a total cost of $14.5. Two combos, therefore, would cost $29.

And at Murder Burger, a 'cheeseburger grande' is $10.9, and a drink and steak fries costs an extra $7.

Burger Fuel supporters fire back


Burger Fuel might be expensive in comparison to other fast food, but it still has its loyal supporters.

"Literally just had a $15 burger from Burger Fuel and it was amazing, it was massive, filling, stuffed full and definitely worth the cost," one person replied on Reddit.

Burger Fuel has been contacted for comment.


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