Kiwis trust mums to pick partner over dating apps - research

Kiwis look for partners who share their values and sense of humour
Kiwis look for partners who share their values and sense of humour Photo credit: Getty

New research reveals more than half of Kiwis would rather trust their mum to pick their partner than use a dating app.

More than 2000 New Zealanders opened up about their love lives for the 2degrees "Good Chat" relationship study.

It turns out 57 percent would rather meet their dates through friends or family than through Tinder.

"Despite all the talk about the rise of artificial intelligence we're not ready to trust algorithms as much as we trust the people who know us best," said director of Relate Counselling and marriage therapist Steven Dromgool.

For the Kiwis who do trust dating apps, some are not as ready to trust the people they meet on them, with one in nine waiting a year to meet their partners face to face.

One in six Kiwis talked online for six months before meeting in person, but a bold 24 percent of people met up with their matches the same day.

So, what do New Zealanders look for when they're searching for love?

"It's heartening to see that a sense of humour and similar values are so highly prized," said Dromgool.

He says these two qualities are what make a relationship last.

"It may surprise some that in a country like New Zealand with a reputation for being bungy jumping thrill-seekers only 12 percent of Kiwis look for a partner with a good sense of adventure."

New Zealanders also aren't that interested in careers, with just 8 percent of those surveyed saying it was an important factor when choosing a partner.