Large pay cuts linked to higher risk of heart disease

A pay cut isn't good news for your health.
A pay cut isn't good news for your health. Photo credit: Getty.

A link has been discovered between taking a large pay cut and a higher risk of heart disease.

In a study released on Thursday, researchers looked at 9000 participants and how significant changes in their income affected their chances of developing a cardiovascular disease over the following 17 years.

They found that a drop in income of 50 percent or more was associated with a higher risk of having a heart attack, fatal coronary heart disease, heart failure or stroke. However, the study also found that a 50 percent or more increase in income was associated with a lower risk.

The researchers from the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School said this showed that health professionals should take a greater interest in the financial position of patients during health checks.

"This study reinforces the need to increase awareness among health professionals of the influence of income changes on health to optimise treatment," author Dr Scott Solomon said.

The researchers said one limitation of the study is that people who develop health issues, like heart disease, may also be more likely to have a decrease in income due to those issues and needing to take time off.

Previous research has found that having a higher income was linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

The study has been published in JAMA Cardiology.


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