Mum catches 9yo son cheating on math homework with Amazon Alexa

A schoolboy's way of 'problem-solving' has gone viral after the cheeky nine-year-old was caught using his Amazon smart speaker to cheat on his math homework.

Bryce, from Ayrshire, Scotland, was caught blatantly using the virtual assistant 'Alexa' by his gobsmacked mother, Leanne Gormanley.

Gormanley took the opportunity to film Bryce's miscalculated move, capturing her oblivious son asking Alexa multiplication questions. 

The automated voice can be heard saying "four times three is twelve" in response to one of Bryce's equations.

The nine-year-old quickly jots down the answer before moving to the next problem.

"Alexa, eight multiplied by four?" he asks.

After one more equation, Gormanley intervenes: "What's going on here?"

Bryce whips around. "Doing my homework?" he offers hopefully.

Gormanley wasn't having it, warning him that's "not how you do homework".

"You do realise you'll be doing all this again yourself."

The hilarious clip has proved popular on social media, amassing more than 2.1 million views and over 32,000 shares.

"I would say it's a fantastic effort son - not. Alexa is not how you do your homework Bryce," Gormanley captioned the Facebook video.

"Ten out of ten for cleverness on this aul boy [sic]. Really could not believe the cheek of him doing it when I was in the vicinity," she wrote.

Gormanley told the Daily Mail she could hear Alexa's voice while she was cooking dinner, so went to investigate.

"He was completely oblivious to me being there, so... I got my phone and videoed," she told the outlet.

"He was pretty shocked when I caught him out... the sheer cheeky face on him.

"[He's] a wee boy being smart who found a way of doing it quicker."

Gormanley said she has been delighted with the response to her son's 'problem-solving'.

"My phone has not stopped since I posted that video," she wrote in a Facebook update. 

"Thanks to all the people who have liked and shared and commented. Really nice to know Bryce has made you all laugh.

"We really appreciate the kind shares. Thank you all."

She told the Daily Mail that Bryce did do his homework again without Alexa's help and has since been told by his teachers that he's doing "great" in his academics.