Naked cuddling couple caught by Google Street View in Taiwan

Naked couple spotted on Google Maps
The cuddly couple have been caught out. Photo credit: Asia Wire / Google Maps

A naked couple who thought their alfresco embrace within a Taiwanese mountain range would remain a secret have been found out - by thousands.

An image of the couple nestling in the nude has been discovered on Google Maps after a Google Street View camera captured the embrace on Shantian Road, located within the mountainous terrain outside of Taiwan's Taichung City.

The private moment would have likely remained, well - private - if it weren't for a Google Maps user who detected the unclothed couple. 

"I took a look on Google to see whether I'd find some animals, and unexpectedly came across this wonderful sight," said the man, who shared a screenshot of the amorous act on Twitter to the appreciation of thousands of social media users.

Google has cracked down on nudity after an image of a Taiwanese woman flashing her breasts was discovered on Google Maps last year. In response, Google said they were improving its algorithms that censor or pixelate sexual and graphic content, the Daily Mail reports.

The image of the roadside romp has reportedly been removed for violating the technology giant's content policies.


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