New survey reveals naughtiest and nicest kids' names in 2019

New survey reveals naughtiest and nicest kids' names in 2019
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You can't judge a book by its cover, but people love to judge kids by their names.

A new UK study has revealed which names are perceived as belonging to "naughty" or "nice" children - just in time for Christmas. 

British companies My Nametags and CensusWide surveyed 1500 teachers, parents and children on the baby names they associated with good behaviour and bad behaviour. 

Maybe it's the 'Jack the Lad' stereotype, but Jack ranked number one of the naughty boys' list. Clearly, names can be deceiving - the Mias of the world were perceived as the most mischievous girls. However, the children in the survey claimed Emilys are actually the biggest troublemakers - so move over, Mia. 

Arthurs were perceived as the best behaved boys, while Isla was associated with angelic behaviour in girls.

The lists have been made - so make sure to check them twice.

Naughtiest boys


  1. Jack
  2. Harry (perhaps due to the once infamously mischievous Prince Harry)
  3. Charlie
  4. Oliver
  5. George

Naughtiest girls


  1. Mia
  2. Ella
  3. Isabella
  4. Amelia
  5. Sophia - showing that names ending with an "a" obviously equate to misbehaviour. 

Nicest boys


  1. Arthur
  2. Noah
  3. Oscar
  4. Muhammad
  5. Leo 

Nicest girls


  1. Isla
  2. Ava
  3. Grace
  4. Olivia
  5. Emily   

A number of similarities can be seen between the UK survey and New Zealand's most popular baby names in 2018. Whether well-mannered or wild, Isla, Olivia, Amelia, Ella, Isabella, Emily, Mia and Ava were all among New Zealand's top 10 favourite girls' names last year.

New Zealand's favourite boys' names in 2018 also bore a resemblance to the UK survey, with the names Oliver, Jack, Noah and Leo ranking in the top five respectively.