Pennywise the Clown this year's top Halloween costume

If you have a fear of clowns, maybe this isn't the year to open your door to trick or treaters. 

The top Halloween costume for 2019 has been revealed, and it's bumped Fortnite out of the top spot. 

Pennywise, the Clown from horror movie It, has taken out the top spot, according to global data from Google's Frightgeist and Costume World, New Zealand's largest online costume store.

Residents of Auckland, Otago and Waikato should brace themselves for the biggest invasion of creepy clowns on Halloween night, with the highest interest coming from these three regions. 

Costume World spokesperson Tyler Staunton says Pennywise costumes have been in such hot demand, they created a dedicated section on the website for the customers asking how they turn themselves into the drain lurking clown.

"With the huge success of the 2017 movie 'IT' and the recent release of the sequel, there has been a lot of momentum building up for Pennywise costumes for Armageddon and Halloween this year." 

Based on Stephen King's novel, IT was a box office hit in 2017, breaking the record for the highest debut for a September release. The sequel has already made nearly $4 million in New Zealand alone. 

Every year Google's Frightgeist unveils the topmost-searched Halloween costumes in the US, and while the beloved (or feared) Pennywise has topped the list, some crowd favourites have returned to the top 10 too:

  1. IT's Pennywise
  2. Witch
  3. Spider-Man
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Descendants
  6. Clown 
  7. Fortnite
  8. Chucky
  9. 1980s
  10. Unicorn

Costume World's top NZ Halloween Costumes for 2019

  1. Pennywise  
  2. Fortnite Skull Trooper 
  3. Black Widow 
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  5. Kylo Ren for Kids
  6. The Avengers 
  7. Transformers for Kids
  8. Jasmine for Kids (and Aladdin)
  9. Day of the Dead 
  10. Nightmare on Elm Street