The best Mexican food hidden away in an industrial Auckland area

This story was first published in October 2019.

Smack-bang in an industrial area neighbouring the dump and a beached historical boat, you'll find this hidden Henderson gem housing some of the best Mexican food in Auckland and probably even New Zealand.

Cielito Lindo is  run by Eliseo Delgado Munoz and Angel Febiyanti. 

A year ago, the couple decided to take the plunge and start their own business with the sole purpose of bringing the most authentic Mexican "just like you can find in Mexico".

Since then, the restaurant has been gaining popularity through word of mouth.

Eliseo told us: "In the beginning, it was very hard, but nowadays many people like our food and it helps us that people are telling more people and it's how we are growing now." 

Angel told us: "I think Mexican food is popular everywhere, especially here in New Zealand, because the food is just like simple and cheap".

When we asked what's your favourite thing on the menu, Angels said: "My favourite is the sopes - it is crispy crunchy and it's just really delicious."

Eliseo said: "For me it's tacos. I can eat tacos every single day, every single moment." 

Watch the video.