These three facials will help you get your glow back for summer

woman getting facial at spa
Winter weather got your skin needing a little extra help? Photo credit: Getty.

The weather is heating up which means we're finally getting into party/wedding/Christmas/New Year's season - a time to eat, drink and be merry! 

But after a long winter, the combination of cold wind, indoor heating, and maybe a touch too much red wine means your skin can end up looking dull, dry and just generally lacklustre.

Not only aesthetically displeasing, it also means your regular skincare won't work as well and makeup won't be sitting as pretty.  

While this can be temporarily fixed (sheet masks for the win) sometimes you need to give your skin a little professional help!

I also truly believe that allowing yourself to be pampered can help get your internal glow back - after what feels like a biblical number of days of Auckland rain, sometimes you need to escape the grind and allow yourself to be taken care of. 

Here are my top three facials in Auckland for getting you ready for summer.

Defy Gravity Facial - Skinography

Tucked away in a little oasis off busy Jervois Road, Skinography is a relative newcomer to the spa scene that's already punching above its weight. The go-to? The signature Defy Gravity facial which includes Buccal massage - a favourite of Meghan Markle. Expert facialist Kate Michelmore is one of the only practitioners in the country who performs the highly specialised treatment, getting her hands deep into your face to massage the fascia inside and outside the mouth. If your skin is feeling dull and droopy after winter, this is like bootcamp for your face - without the burpees. 

This treatment is an absolute lifesaver if you grit or grind your teeth in times of stress like me - Kate's healing hands will get right into that little point of stress and work the tension right out. It truly felt like the only time anyone had ever hit those muscles, and it was straight up heaven. 

You'll leave with a glow, and more importantly, a much more defined, sculpted and lifted jawline. At this year's Christmas parties, everyone will be wanting the number of your surgeon!

Bespoke Facial - The Facialist 

One of the OGs of the Auckland day spa scene, The Facialist set a standard of facials many places are now hoping to emulate. On a cold and rainy Auckland evening, I snuggled down in one of their cozy treatment rooms for their Bespoke Facial. Promptly becoming the most relaxed I had been that week, I almost dozed off - it's just that kind of place.

The Facialist's Bespoke Facial is the way to go if your dehydrated winter skin needs a drink - your facialist will customise the treatment according to your specific skin needs.  A gentle scrub sloughed off five months of dead skin cells, beautiful nourishing cleansing milks and oils nurtured and hydrated, and a rose quartz roller at the end really infused all the goodness in. 

With its location in CityWorks Depot, you can pop in on your lunch break and leave feeling you've just had a holiday. 

Attune Facial - The Beauty Elixer 

If you're feeling a little neglected, the lovely ladies at The Beauty Elixir are the ones to take care of you. Their signature Attune facial contains all the ingredients of a regular facial, (mask, massage, heavenly touch) but also mediation and reiki to deepen that relaxation and help rid your body of all those winter blues. Crystals placed on your heart and an expert set of healing hands will melt the stress away.

Top it off with some LED to truly let the glow emerge from within - I wrote about my experience with the light treatment here

Sarah Templeton is the Lifestyle editor at Newshub.


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