'Incredibly selfless': US Uber driver's angelic act of kindness for mum of sick newborn

Uber driver who helped mum with sick baby
Left: Baby John Henry, Right: Nikki Ihaus and Uber driver Belinda. Photo credit: Facebook.

A US woman alone in a new city with a sick newborn has made headlines after encountering an Uber driver who would change her life. 

Nikki Ihus was forced to take her son John Henry to a hospital almost 2000km away from her Kansas home, after he was bought with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), which required major surgery. 

"[CDH] is a hole in the diaphragm that allowed the organs in his stomach to move up into his chest," Ihus explained to local news media.

Alone in the city of St Pete, Ihaus had to pick up some more supplies earlier this month, but had no family there to help. 

She ordered an Uber to take her into town - and that's where Uber driver Belinda came into the picture. 

Ihaus told news outlets upon getting into Belinda's car, she began crying and venting to the stranger, explaining about her son's operation. 

"She told me her story. She was in tears a couple of times and I really felt for her," Belinda told local news channel WFLA.

"She touched my heart". 

Baby John Henry.
Baby John Henry. Photo credit: Facebook/ Nikki Ihaus.

After dropping Ihaus off in town, Belinda says she couldn't stop thinking about the new mother. 

"So I parked the car and turned Uber off. I went in and I found her and said, 'This is a day that should be fun for you. And you shouldn't be alone. Let's shop'."

"I cried a lot," added Ihaus. "I asked her, 'Are you serious?' I can't even imagine." 

Belinda bought over 30 pieces of baby clothing for her new friend, including a onesie that reads: "I am a superhero". 

Ihaus told Yahoo she was touched by the act of kindness. 

"Belinda had mentioned that Uber is her second job... to stop working, to help a complete stranger out, is so incredibly selfless," she said.

"She really touched my heart and I will cherish the clothes that she purchased and helped me pick out."

The pair have become friends, with Belinda even visiting baby John Henry in hospital. 

"I believe everyone gets in my car for a reason and not just a ride," Belinda said.




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