Watch: Koala joey hitches ride on pet dog after mistaking it for its mum

A lost baby koala thought it had found its mum when it hitched a ride on a pet dog in Stirling, Adelaide.

Stirling local Henry told 7News he discovered the joey nestled in the fur of his dog, Tony, after letting his pet out in the backyard on Sunday (local time). 

Henry, who believed the motherless joey thought the dog made a perfect parental replacement, managed to capture the case of mistaken identity in an adorable video. 

The joey initially refused to let go of Tony, who appeared bemused by his new furry passenger. The joey eventually hopped off, climbing back into the nearby trees.

The video, uploaded to Facebook by the Australian news outlet, has some viewers wondering if Koala Rescue should have been notified.

"Although very cute, it's also very sad. Obviously something happened to the mother... Koala Rescue should have been called," one woman commented.

"The baby koala had obviously lost his mother... Koala Rescue should have been called to help," said another.

Henry told 7News it's fairly common to see koalas in the town, which is located roughly 16 kilometres from the city centre in the Adelaide Hills. However, he said he has never seen a joey cling to a dog before.

He said Tony has since recovered from his surprising new accessory.