Whisky drinkers disgusted by Glenlivet seaweed capsules

Glenlivet's new capsule collection
The capsules are intended to be bitten into. Photo credit: Twitter / Glenlivet

Whisky enthusiasts are aghast at Glenlivet's latest release: 'capsules' of alcohol designed to burst in the mouth. 

The company has produced Scotch for almost two centuries, but recently decided to break with tradition. The Glenlivet Capsule Collection, announced on Friday (local time), introduces consumers to a whole new way of drinking whisky - and no glasses are involved.

The alcohol comes wrapped in a thin protective coating made of seaweed, which is both edible and biodegradable. Customers simply pop the capsule in their mouths and bite down to release a burst of liquor.

Each capsule contains 23ml of whisky and are available in three new recipes: citrus, wood and spice. 

It's a collaboration between Glenlivet and a sustainable packaging startup, nominally intended as an environmental initiative but clearly also designed to stir up conversation, a goal the company has undeniably achieved.

The announcement of the collection was met with outrage from whisky enthusiasts who said it "destroys the experience of tasting a good Scotch". 

"Whisky cocktails are for sipping and savouring, not exploding in your mouth all in one go," one Twitter user said.

"This is a horrible idea. Please refrain from doing it," another pleaded.

"How do you say 'no' in Scottish?" one person pondered. 

Others pointed out the similarity between the whisky capsules and the notorious Tide Pod phenomenon, a viral challenge that supposedly saw thousands of teenagers eat laundry detergent because of its appealing packaging. 

But some people were excited by the concept, saying it would make it easier to smuggle alcohol into events. 

In a later tweet Glenlivet reassured customers the capsules are a limited edition release to celebrate London Cocktail Week, and won't be replacing traditional whisky in a glass any time soon.


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