Why Rosé will still be reigning supreme this summer

From about 2017, we've seen the wine industry have an absolute renaissance with Rosé - a Roséssance, if you will. 

Sales climb to new levels every year, and this summer looks to be no different. The pink drink has become the sip du jour for summer parties and picnics, due, in short, to its pleasing Instagram aesthetic. 

But it's also because both local and international winemakers are beginning to crank out some of the best blush beverages you can sip on- a far cry from the sickly sweet, bright pink Rosés of the '90s and '00s. 

This a record-breaking nine winners were crowned at the New World Wine Awards, with more than 70 Rosés winning a medal in the competition overall.

"This was a phenomenal year for Rosé, and one that broke every record in our book," says Chair of Judges Jim Harré. "Not only did we receive more Rosé entries than ever before - with 110 wines from all over the world, the quality was exceptional.

"Once seen by many as a passing trend, winemakers now grow and pick their grapes specifically to make Rosé and are creating some truly winning wines."

So if we're going to be thinking pink again this summer, what's the best way to enjoy it? For light, dry Rosés (the one you see most often on your Instagram feed), pair with the types of food you usually would go with crisp dry whites, such as light salads, seafood, fish and cheeses. 

This type is the best for hot, muggy day-drinking. 

With more full-bodied, fruity Rosés - like your Syrah and Cabernet blends - serve chilled with spicy food like curries, or along with big meaty flavours (perfect for that Saturday barbeque). Just be careful - I can say from personal experience, these Rosés can sneak up on you, as they tend to be high in alcohol. 

For a special occasion, crack a sparkling Rosé, or even serve at a tea party or baby shower with cakes, muffins and sweet treats. 

Here are the big Rosé winners from this year's New World Wine Awards: Feel free to utilize their notes when showing off at your next dinner party - I will be. 

The big winner: Madam Sass Central Otago Pinot Noir Rosé 2019.

Second year in a row to be crowned Champion Rosé, the grapes are from Bendigo, an area perfect for the production of topflight Pinot Noir, and grown right on top of Claim 431, an original gold miner's claim that now seems even more successful at producing another type of gold!

A beautiful pale pink colour, with fragrant ripe strawberry aroma.

The Doctors' Rosé 2019

John and Bridget Forrest are on a quest. Both are doctors and they have been searching for a way to reduce alcohol without losing flavour. Their answer is to slow the grapevine's ability to make sugar without affecting its ability to make flavour. At 9.2 percent ABV, their Pinot Noir and Arneis Rosé are packed full of flavour.

The aromas are red cherry, raspberry and watermelon. The flavours are fresh crisp and lingering and almost completely dry.

The Hunting Lodge Expressions Delicate Rosé 2019

On the site beside where New Zealand's first Sauvignon Blanc grapes were commercially grown, the Sutton Family have long connections with Waimauku and the iconic Hunting Lodge restaurant. With a strong focus on sustainability, it's the wine that speaks most loudly of a sense of place and belonging. As the name suggests, this Rosé is delicate, floral and very fragrant. It has flavours of delicate red fruits, lemon zest with crispmuth-watering acidity and a long, intense finish.

Falconhead Rosé 2019

A winery that devotes a lot of passion and time to the protection and celebration of the only remaining bird of prey endemic to New Zealand, the New Zealand Falcon. Two falcons have for a long time been guardians of their River View vineyard in Hawke's Bay. This Rosé is a lovely pale pink, with intoxicating aromas of citrus and strawberries. With a touch of fruit sweetness, it's delicate and a great match for a picnic at a concert.

I just have one plea: Don't turn any of these beautiful drops into that horrific, fleeting summer staple, Frosé. Honestly, I've got no time for it.