Woman shares incredible five-minute ketchup, tinfoil cleaning hack

Ketchup cleaning hack
Cleaning fans couldn't believe the transformation. Photo credit: Facebook.

A UK woman has shared an incredible hack for cleaning rust stains from pieces of metal furniture, using two classic kitchen staples: ketchup and tinfoil. 

Posting in a popular cleaning tips Facebook group, Jo Nichol from Hampshire shared unbelievable before-and-after photographs of her kitchen breakfast stools. 

Nichol says she rubbed ketchup all over the base of the stool before rubbing it off with tinfoil. 

"Before and after with the ketchup, five minute job, amazing," she captioned the three photographs.

Nichol shared a photo of the stool covered in ketchup.
Nichol shared a photo of the stool covered in ketchup. Photo credit: Facebook.

The post quickly racked up almost 1300 likes and 250 comments, with fellow members of the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group praising the move and saying they planned to try it themselves. 

"Wow, what a difference," one woman wrote.  

"Oh I'm so going to try this on mine - amazing!" wrote another. 

While it sounds bizarre, it turns out there's some science behind this cleaning hack. In an article about natural cleaning methods, The Spruce reported that almost all ketchup recipes contain vinegar and that acetic acid works as a mild cleaner to cut through different types of grime. 

"The brand and price don't matter - the generic brands work great for cleaning," they added.