Baby born on dance floor of French nightclub offered free admission for life

The baby was delivered safely.
The baby was delivered safely. Photo credit: Getty

A newborn baby has been given lifetime admission to a French nightclub after being born on the dance floor.

The O'Club in Toulouse became an impromptu labour delivery suite at 5:30 on Monday morning. 

The club owner Marie Helene told news site La Depeche one of her employees alerted her to the trouble.

"He told me 'it's urgent' with emotion in his voice," she is quoted as saying.

"I saw that she was giving birth."

The expectant mother had been at the bar, despite being in the late stages of pregnancy, because her friends were trying to cheer her up.

"I know she didn't drink," Marie Helene said.

She says she's proud of her team for their quick thinking.

"It's one of the more bizarre closings we've had, my team worked together. We all cried... we got it done."

Emergency services were called but they did not arrive until after the baby's birth.

Paramedics managed to talk the bar staff through the delivery.

She says when the baby is of age, the doors of O'Club will always be open for them.



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