Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White confronts The Project's Kanoa Lloyd

British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White didn't make any new friends with the co-hosts of The Project after a tense confrontation left co-host Kanoa Lloyd flustered.

White appeared on Friday night's episode to discuss the hospitality industry and the lack of female chefs.

Recently, White has been in trouble, for saying that women are too emotional to be chefs and too weak to lift pans.

When asked if he thought there needed to be more women in kitchens, White started to get slightly defensive.

"Are you sitting down and listening? You sir, what's your name?" he asked co-host Wallace Chapman.

When Chapman told him, it appeared White couldn't quite hear.

"Never mind it doesn't matter. You don't need a name," he said.

"The girl I chose yesterday to win the competition, Taste Chef of The Year, she was a young lady," he continued.

"What, even with her weak arms and her emotions you still chose her?" replied co-host Kanoa Lloyd. 

"Let's not go down this road," said White, before proceeding to go down that road.

"The reason you have to lift the pans off the stove for a lady is for health and safety."

He then went on to say that despite having to lift pans for them, women are more consistent chefs and have a finer palate.

"Men are physically stronger and they absorb pressure better. So who's the better cook? Females. Does that answer your question madame?" he asked Lloyd. 

Visibly irritated, Lloyd replied "yes monsieur it does."

"Alright. You can sit back in your box now," he retorted.

"What just happened?" asked Llyod once the interview had concluded.

"Marco Pierre White just happened."

Watch the full interview above.


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