Chef creates shocking four-layer cake disguised as Christmas turkey

cake looks like a christmas turkey
The cake is shockingly life-like. Photo credit: Sarah Hardy - The Edible Museum.

If you were always the type to play with your food, or you're a fan of a classic Christmas prank, this one is for you. 

A UK pastry chef known for creating amazing creatures and sculptures out of cake has given her work a Christmas twist, with her giant turkey cake. 

Sarah Hardy wowed her 10,000 Instagram followers with this four-layer sponge, disguised as Christmas dinner - albeit undercooked.

Insider recently shared the video of Hardy making the cake on Twitter, which racked up more than 4.3 million views. 

It's not just animal-shaped cakes Hardy makes. For her online confectionary shop The Edible Museum, she also makes sculptures of everything from wildlife to human organs.

"Most of my work is highly realistic, so it looks like something else and there's a moment when you're not quite sure," she told Insider. 

"But most of the ideas are just things that I love, I'm just interested in natural history, internal organs, historical artifacts. If I like it and it's cool, I'll just make it edible."

Hardy says her cakes take days to make and can cost over NZ$800 to order. But if you want to make your own turkey cake, there's a tutorial available on her site.

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