'Disgusting' nightclub sign accused of promoting rape culture

A UK bar has been slammed online for installing an illuminated sign which many say promotes rape culture. 

The illuminated sign erected at Alexander's Bar in Worcester reads in capital letters: "That awkward moment when Halloween is over but you're still a slag."

An image of the sign was shared by Twitter page Worcestershire Mums, who wrote that the bar was "promoting misogyny, victim-blaming and rape culture". 

"This is not ok - anyone should be free to dress, wear, and be whoever they want freely without being labelled for it."

Siani Driver, who founded the online parenting network, told The Independent she had heard from locals the message had been on show at the popular venue since the beginning of November. It was brought to her attention last week. 

"It is simply not OK. I could imagine people going in and laughing about it, but it is objectifying women and how they dress. We want to be able to go out and feel safe, and not see this kind of thing."

The image sparked further outrage on Twitter, where commenters described the sign as "absolutely disgusting" and "terrible." 

"That is absolutely disgusting. With an attitude like that being publicly displayed makes you wonder about their commitment to keeping their female patrons safe," someone pointed out. 

The West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Center (WMRSASC) also echoed the sentiments, replying that the sign was "just wrong". 

"WMRSASC would support a code of conduct to prevent offensive messages like this.

Several politicians also weighed in. Labour Councillor Richard Udall replied, explaining that although the sign wouldn't be in breach of Alexanders' licence, "that does not make it right". 

"Although I cannot force them to do so, I do now expect the management to take note of these concerns and remove this misogynistic sign."

According to another counsellor, the sign was then removed. 

"Signs have now been taken down and we have an assurance from the license holder that there will be a much more robust vetting of messaging and Instagram posts at the venue," tweeted Louise Griffiths. 

So far the bar has not publicly responded to the criticism. 

It's not the first bar to hit headlines for an offensive sign in recent weeks. Cruz, a gay bar in Christchurch, came under fire earlier this month for their "misogynistic and transphobic" street sign.