Dubai bar offers free drinks to women depending on their weight

women clinking wine glasses
By writing down their weight and giving it to the bar staff, women can score free drinks. Photo credit: Getty.

A Dubai bar is drawing in female customers with a most unusual offer - the more they weigh, the less they pay. 

Located at four-star hotel Cassells Al Barsha Hotel, Fusion Club has introduced a promotion where women are allocated a certain number of free drinks, which varies depending on their weight.

In this case - the heavier, the better. 

According to advertising by the club, the promotion's motto is: "It's good to gain weight." 

Insider reports a woman can either use the scales at the entrance to the bar to check her weight, or write it on a slip of paper and give it to the bar staff - sort of an honesty policy. 

"Although we have a weighing machine at the bar entrance, we do not insist our guests to verify the weight," says Anil Kumar, the hotel's food and beverage manager.

"We believe in the magnanimity of our lady guests. They can just write the weight on a paper and give it to the bartender discreetly, and enjoy drinks equal to the value they wrote on the paper. Very simple, no strings attached."

Dubai bar offers free drinks to women depending on their weight
Photo credit: Fusion Club.

One kilogram is equal to one United Arab Emirati Dirhams (AED). So, for example, if a woman weighs 60kg, she would get free drinks to the worth of 60 AED – which is about NZ$26. 

And sorry guys, this promotion doesn't apply to you. 

Kumar told Insider that Fusion Club believes in "being different than the rest of the nightclubs and hotels in making our guests delighted".  

"We wanted the ladies to surprise their partners and friends that it's good to gain weight," he added. 

The bar recently ran a promotion where they offered three free drinks every night for women between the ages of 30 and 40. 


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