Fancy restaurant in Peru fined for giving women menus without prices

La Rosa Nautica.
La Rosa Nautica. Photo credit: Getty

A restaurant in Peru has been fined more than NZ$95,000 for having different menus for men and women.

High-end eatery La Rosa Nautica in Lima gave women a gold menu without meal pricing, while men got a blue menu detailing the dinner costs, the Associated Press reported.

The hot-spot has defended the discrimination, saying it allows women to enjoy a romantic evening, without having to think about the bill.

Authorities disagreed, saying it was definitely discrimination. 

"These small things may seem harmless," said  Liliana Cerron, an official with Peru's consumer protection agency.

"But at the end of the day they are the basis of a chauvinistic construct reinforcing differences between men and women."

The restaurant has been ordered to give all customers the same menu, train its staff better and post a sign saying discrimination will not be tolerated.