Gay man slammed for 'ruining' high school bully's coming out announcement

A gay man has been accused of ruining his high school bully's coming out post.

The 27-year-old shared his debacle on the popular Reddit thread, 'Am I the Asshole', saying he was constantly bullied in high school by his former peer - identified as "B".

"B and his friends tormented me verbally, so much I developed extreme anxiety whenever I was in their proximity... they called me every name in the book... long story short, B and his friends were one of the main reasons I absolutely, positively detested high school," he wrote.

The man, who goes by AmItheFBass on Reddit, said B has recently come out as bisexual on Facebook through "a long, public, 'heartbreaking' essay elaborating his personal struggles". 

"I was pissed off when I read that. Not saying people can't change, but since B explicitly said in his post that he knew he was into boys since kindergarten... that makes the fact that he tormented me in high school just for appearing gay even worse," he continued.

"All the comments under B's post were overwhelmingly supportive [of] him 'living his truth'. That just aggravated me... I felt the need to voice my own opinion.

"I wrote something along the lines of, 'that's such a cute and manipulative post B, shame you didn't consider any of this stuff when you bullied me in high school for the exact same things you're now embracing'."

"I wanted people to see that he's not some sort of blameless victim of a prejudiced society, as he tried to portray himself in [his] coming-out post."

The 27-year-old said his comment was slammed by former classmates, with one labelling him "petty" while another criticised him "raining on a fellow LGBT person's parade". 

AmItheFBass admitted he feels like "an asshole" but doesn't believe he is in the wrong for calling out the man who made his school experience "miserable".

He has since been labelled "not an asshole" by the Reddit community, although responses were mixed.

"I'm so tired of everyone defending a bad person just because they come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community... he was projecting his own insecurities into bullying you," one person answered.

Others thought it was wrong for the man to attack his bully publicly regarding the sensitive topic.

"It was wrong to hijack his coming out and use it as a way to punish him for doing something 10 years ago, that he likely regrets as a troubled teen," another user responded.

"Everyone's s**t here," another contributed.

"He tormented you in high school which is absolutely wrong... he's still a dick for doing that."

"But you say yourself this has [was] a decade [ago]... I understand being pissed off that he was trying to be some martyr for the cause.

"It would have been better to [private message] him and be like, 'so where is the apology you owe me'...either way, he's an ass, but you are too for how you handled it. But he's a bigger ass."