Growing trend of women using electric toothbrushes to masturbate worries doctors

This sounds like a feminine health warning we shouldn't need to give, but then we thought that about the toothpaste.   

Off the back of a controversial episode of Orange Is the New Black, experts are urging women not to pleasure themselves with electric toothbrushes, and instead stick to conventional sex toys. 

According to UK tabloid The Sun, a character pleasured herself with a toothbrush on the Netflix show and doctors are reportedly concerned about the growing trend of women trying the potentially dangerous practice. 

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Consultant gynaecologist Anne Henderson told the tabloid she has serious concerns about anyone using an electric toothbrush for anything other than cleaning their teeth.

"The structure and shape of the toothbrush, regardless of which part is used, could potentially injure, lacerate or cause trauma to the delicate vulval area," she advised. 


"There is also the issue of hygiene and how to adequately clean the toothbrush," Dr Henderson continued.

"The whole issue is fraught with potential complications and should be avoided at all costs."

The warning comes recently after another dangerous trend: women putting toothpaste in their vaginas in an attempt to tighten them. Doctors warned that not only is that uncomfortable, but it could also cause serious damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina. 

The bottom line? Stop using dental products down there, ladies - go out and buy a proper sex toy instead.