Instagrammer says 'perineum sunning' is the key to wellness

With summer days approaching, it might be time for you to crank out the latest in wellness trends. 

Instagrammer Metaphysical Megan, who describes herself as a "healer" and "ascension way-shower" in her Instagram bio, has shared a series of posts of her fully nude, exposing her bum to the sun in an eyebrow-raising health measure. 

The California woman says she's been including the 'perineum sunning' in her "daily rising routine" and has been raving about the health benefits. 

She claims by sunning her anus and vagina, she's had better sleep as the practice "regulates circadian rhythm" and has increased energy and "creativity in life". 

Megan says she spends five minutes in the morning, but even just 30 seconds is enough. 

"This is truly more energising than slamming cups of coffee and is a great alternative to consuming neurotoxic coffee and caffeine that can disrupt your adrenal gland health," she explains. 

After a lot of interest, she posted a follow-up Instagram post, explaining the practice is "an ancient Taoist practice that originated in the Far East". 

"I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking optimal health and wellness and to those looking to connect with their sexual energy in a balanced way."

But it does come with a health caveat. 

"The intention of this is not to tan your butthole!' she finished the post. 

Comments have been split on the practice, with some promising to include it in their own rising routines, and others doubtful on the health practice 

"We truly live in a decadent time," one person commented. 

"I would invest in some good derm insurance if I was you," advised another. 

"I woke up this morning and said to myself 'Welp, at least I can't get sun cancer on my bum-hole'. Then I read Mystical Megan say 'Hold my organic, free-range chia,' another commented joked. 

But doctors are less than convinced. Dr Diana Gall and chemist Shamir Patel told Insider there is no evidence the practice has any effect on physical wellbeing. It's also not worth increasing your risk of skin cancer.

"Practicing mindfulness comes in many different and safer forms, and there are no extra benefits of doing this naked in the sun," Dr Gall says.