London bar launches gender-neutral cocktail menu

It's 2019, but unfortunately some men apparently still feel funny about ordering 'girly' cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan at the bar.

There are many problems with this - not the least of which is people still drinking Cosmopolitans in 2019 - but for those that are so inclined, a London bar is attempting to remove the stigma with a 'gender-neutral' cocktail range.

The Burger & Lobster chain, which has multiple sites around the UK, launched the colourless and nameless range after commissioning a survey which revealed some interesting insights into customer habits. 

According to Metro, the survey revealed 21 percent of customers don't feel comfortable drinking cocktails they feel they are better suited for the opposite sex. 

The gender-neutral cocktails at Burger & Lobster.
The gender-neutral cocktails at Burger & Lobster. Photo credit: Burger & Lobster, via. Metro.

Burger & Lobster also says that after analysing in-house customer behaviour, they found that 31 percent of male customers were opposed to ordering a Cosmopolitan or Piña Colada, because the name of the cocktails felt 'feminine'. 

Additional data showed 13 percent of Brits have been 'made fun of' because of their choice of drink.

Ben Hedley, head of marketing at Burger & Lobster, told Metro the gender-neutral range was an "exciting" move for customers. 

"They are always on the lookout for what we are doing next and we hope this will encourage more people to feel comfortable in what they are drinking – everybody loves a cheeky cocktail." 

The limited range of Burger & Lobster colourless cocktails are defined by number, so customers can choose a drink focusing on the flavours they prefer. Ingredients reportedly include grape and elderflower cordial, kombucha and a peach aperitif liqueur.



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