Man accused of being a 'pervert' after pointing out issue with woman's leggings

Woman squatting at the gym.
Woman squatting at the gym. Photo credit: Getty

A man who believed he was being helpful for pointing out a woman's wardrobe malfunction was shocked to be labelled a "pervert".

Writing on Reddit, the man explained how he noticed a woman's see-through leggings while she was squatting at the gym.

The man, who goes by GoldenFox7, said: "I see a girl behind me in the mirror at the bottom of her squat and immediately notice that I can clearly see her ass through her pants. 

"Like 90 percent of people in the gym I just want to be left alone... so I move on with life and do another set, but then she does her set and sure enough, when she is at the bottom of her squat, her yoga pants are stretched... they go completely see-through and I can pretty much see her butthole.

"I don't mean if I squint and stare, I mean plain as day, anyone on my side of the racks can see through her pants."

The man clarified he is "married" and "completely uninterested", but couldn't help going into "helpful mode".

"'Hey, this is super creepy, but I'd feel creepier if I didn't say something. When you squat, your pants stretch and go completely see-through on your ass'," he told the woman quietly.

Yet despite his "helpful" intentions, the woman loudly responded by calling him a "f***ing pervert", scolding him to "stop staring" at her behind.

GoldenFox7 said his wife agreed he was "totally an asshole" for embarrassing the woman. 

"So Reddit, settle this. AITA [am I the asshole]?" the man finished his story.

The predicament gained mixed responses from Reddit users, with many agreeing they'd want to be told if their behind was on show.

"I'd be embarrassed but graciously take the heads up and get out of there... or at least stop squatting," said one woman.

"I would definitely want someone to tell me... you are not a pervert for noticing someone wearing see-through clothing," another agreed.

Others were firmly in camp asshole, claiming GoldenFox7 made it "awkward" and "creepy" through his poor choice of wording.

"You could have just said her pants were see-through and left it at that," one user offered.

Some believed the woman had intentionally worn the leggings for attention.

"Her reaction made me think she was intentionally showing her assets and wanted people to look, but got embarrassed and defensive when he pointed it out as if she should stop," another weighed in.

Yet the general consensus was that GoldenFox7 appeared to handle the situation as politely as he could.

"[He] was respectful too, not some dude hollering, 'Ayo, I see your entire butthole g'."