Man slammed online for accusing his girlfriend of getting pregnant on purpose

He said her getting pregnant on purpose "made the most sense".
He said her getting pregnant on purpose "made the most sense". Photo credit: Getty

A 26-year-old has been blasted online for accusing his girlfriend of intentionally getting pregnant.

Writing on popular subreddit "Am I the Asshole" the man revealed he had been with his girlfriend for four years and she has been "talking more and more about having children".

"I was very adamant that I wanted to wait until we could afford a house, pay off some debts and establish our careers before getting married and then we would have kids," he wrote.

But the course of true love never did run smooth and surprise - his girlfriend is two months pregnant. 

After asking her to get an abortion, the man says he leapt straight to conclusions and accused her of lying. 

"Honestly, I did accuse her of intentionally getting pregnant because it honestly just made the most sense," he said bafflingly.

"She was acting so excited like it was planned, her past behaviour showed she was looking forward to a baby and I never followed up to make sure she was getting all her [birth control] shots."

Adamant he is right, the man continues to argue with his pregnant girlfriend about how she must have tricked him into a baby until she "runs away to her mom's house". 

From there, she sends him a receipt of her most recent birth control shot then blocked him. Oops.

"I already apologised many times but I honestly don't think I was the asshole to question her intentionally getting pregnant."

Comments on the post were fairly unanimous - he was the asshole.

"You called your longtime girlfriend a liar, said you don't trust her and asked for an abortion in the same breath - that is a massive jerk move," wrote one person.

Another called him a "control freak".

"OP [original poster] is a control freak as best who has rigid plans for their lives and clearly his love and trust is contingent on them following his master plan."

Another person accused him of being too uninvolved with birth control.

"If pregnancy was a major no no then you should have been more involved in actual birth control. You were happy with her having 100 percent responsibility."


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