Newborn kicks, nestles onto mother while still inside amniotic sac in incredible birth video

baby born in amniotic sac
The amazing video has wowed followers of the Midwife Mumma. Photo credit: Instagram.

An Australian midwife and mummy blogger has shared an incredible video of a newborn baby still inside the amniotic sac when delivered by C-section.

Amelia Lamont, who goes by the Instagram handle The Midwife Mumma, posted the footage for her 46,000 followers earlier this week.

Lamont didn't film the video, clarifying in the caption it was sent to her. But even as an experienced midwife, she says found the footage amazing. 

Warning: Graphic footage. 

"Far out how incredible is this?" Lamont captioned the video. 

"A clearly premature or growth-restricted bub being born via Caesarian section still encapsulated in its caul (amniotic sac). 

"Very rare, but this obstetrician obviously gave these parents a beautiful calm Caesarian section... unbelievable seeing the fluid, space and movements bub has in its little home for so long. Love love love."

The video has quickly racked up over 30,000 views and dozens of comments about how incredible the footage is. 

"Wow, wow, wow," wrote one person, 

"The little legs, what the heck!?" wrote another

This type of birth - referred to as 'en caul' - is incredibly rare, occurring at a rate of around one in 80,000 births. Many midwives and obstetricians will go their entire career without seeing one.

Another en caul birth was captured on film earlier this year, after a newborn boy was delivered via emergency caesarean in Fuzhou, East China.


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