'Paleo Pete' Evans raises eyebrows with his childrens' expensive breakfast

When I was a child, I had two Weetbix with chopped banana and milk for breakfast, every day, for about five years. But that delicious, nutritious and cheap Kiwi classic is wildly different to what's served in Pete Evans' household. 

The celebrity chef has raised eyebrows with an Instagram post showing off the "surf and turf" breakfast he says he makes for his two daughters most mornings.  

'Paleo Pete', who has long been a vocal advocate for a low-carb, whole food diet, whipped up some boiled organic eggs topped with caviar, sauerkraut and a grass-fed wagyu hotdog with chilli sauce.

"They also get a little fruit and coconut yoghurt and chicken broth most days before heading off for the day," he added. 

That's all before Chilli, 14, and Indii, 12, even start the school day.

The breakfast, while delicious, certainly wouldn't come in cheap - with the caviar alone costing about AU$47 per tin. 

Evans has come under fire in the past for his paleo children's cookbook, which was put on hold amid health concerns in 2015.  The Australian Public Health Association president explained that one recipe in the book has 10 times the safe daily intake of vitamin A for babies.

It's not the first time Evans has made headlines for his dubious health claims. He has previously said that bone broth can be used as baby formula, that store-bought chemical sunscreens are toxic, and that looking directly into the sun is beneficial for your health.