Popular British mummy blogger busted for running troll account to attack friends

Clemmie Hooper with her husband.
Clemmie Hooper with her husband. Photo credit: Mother of Daughters / Instagram

A popular British mummy blogger has been identified as the owner of an anonymous account used to spread scathing rumours about fellow 'mumfluencers'.

Clemmie Hooper, the mum-of-four behind the well-known Instagram account 'Mother of Daughters', has been busted by online detectives for abusively trolling fellow influencers on the gossip forum, Tattle life, for eight months. 

According to the Telegraph, Hooper even wrote nasty words about her own husband, Simon, a blogger who runs the corresponding 'Fathers of Daughters' account. She allegedly labelled him a "class [A] twat" which Hooper "puts up with".

Suspicions had been increasing about the true identity of AliceinWanderlust, a pseudonym adopted by Hooper, when a number of users noticed Hooper was on a Caribbean vacation at the same time as the prolific gossip account. 

In one withering post, Hooper branded 'Hungermama' Bethie Hungerford as "desperate" to join other groups of influencers.

The discovery forced Hooper to unmask herself, making a public apology to her 666,000 followers on Instagram last week. She said negative comments about her own family inspired her to make the anonymous account.

"So that this group of people would believe I was one of them, or that I could maybe change their opinions from the inside to defend my family and I [sic]," she attempted to explain.

She said her actions under the pseudonym "grew bigger than I knew to handle", apologising for the "pain" she caused her "family and friends".

On Thursday, Laura Rutherford's That Mummy Smile account, a frequent target of Hooper's, shared a photo of the Alice in Wonderland bunny to her Instagram.

"Dear Alice... you've goaded and encouraged trolls to tear my reputation apart for the last eight months," she captioned the post.

"Mine and a handful of other influencers - and for what gain?... there is absolutely no justification for this behaviour... what gives you the right to play with people's mental health?"

Hooper's husband addressed his wife's confession in an Instagram post, admitting he felt "angry and a bit sad" about the revelation.

"I'm in a crap position as I only really have two options - one, to stay silent and protect my wife... or two, to comment on something I had no knowledge of," he wrote to his one million followers.

He said that although he wouldn't excuse his wife's actions, it was apparent to him that she couldn't ignore being attacked online "and ended up getting lost".


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