Shop smarter this Black Friday: The ultimate gifts for that tech-head in your life

Samsung Smart Things
Photo credit: Samsung SmartThings Hub

If Christmas shopping already has you in a frazzle ("It's not even December yet!" we hear you cry,) then stay calm. We have the gear you need to shop smarter this Black Friday, and in this case, we mean literally.

Samsung has the hookups to help you get a gift for that tech lover in your life. Their SmartThings range helps make your home smarter (read: easier to manage), and who doesn't want that?

Here's our gift guide breakdown for those tech fans in your life -  but if you're so inclined we have no issues with you buying these for yourself.

For the tech novice: SmartThings Hub

Every know-it-all needs a big old brain right? Well that's what the SmartThings Hub is to your new, smarter home - albiet a chic, white one. This is great for those beginning their smart home journey.

It connects all your compatible appliances and electronics and can control lights and sensors with custom automations to fit your schedule - perfect if you're sick of coming home to a dark, cold house in winter. If you want to get cozy in the evening, personal scenes like 'movie night or 'bedtime' you can trigger with just a tap.

Loved ones already have the Hub? Then get them one of these snazzy additions to truly make their house a smart home.

Samsung Smart Things
Photo credit: Samsung SmartThings Hub

For the sibling who's just started flatting: Multipurpose Sensor

Know someone who just flown the coop for the first time? Put their mind (and their parents') at ease with the Multipurpose Sensor.

Vibration and temperature monitoring means it knows when doors and windows are opened and closed. Use one on your front door to be alerted when someone is knocking, or on your garage door to receive an alert if it's been open too long.

Set up so the lights come on when the door is opened when you arrive home in the evening

For the young family: SmartThings Button

We all know bedtime with young kids can be the absolute worst, so why not make the house do the majority of the work for you? Instead of having to scream that it's time to turn off the Playstation, the Smart Button is one-touch control for lights and appliances. This means lights can dip, lamps come on and devices turn off. It even locks the doors for you, because we know there's nothing worse than remembering you haven't done that once you're already snug in bed.

Sorry though, it probably can't brush the kids' teeth for you.

Another tech gift that's caught Newshub’s attention is the incredible VodafoneTV.

Shop smarter this Black Friday: The ultimate gifts for that tech-head in your life
Photo credit: VodafoneTV

No longer do you have to go looking for your favourite shows – now they come to you.  VodafoneTV simply plugs into your TV giving you access to your favourite apps and free-to-air channels all in one place. You can easily switch from your recorded shows, to your TV guide, to your TV apps and back again all within the same menu screen using the same remote. You can even choose to add Sky channels.

Features include 3day rewind and 500 hours of cloud recording. It works with any Unlimited Fibre Broadband connection from any provider - you don’t have to be on Vodafone to get it.

Takes less than five minutes to get set up (can connect to your internet via Ethernet cable or Wifi)

It comes loaded with all the free to air channels like Three, Prime, Bravo, Duke, Maori TV, and others - plus your favourite TV apps like Netflix, Neon and Lightbox.

There are no on-going costs to use VodafoneTV but some apps and channels may require subscriptions. With Vodafone TV all your TV apps and channels are now all in one place. 

VodafoneTV is a one-off cost of $179 – but special Black Friday price is $149.

Both tech innovations are offering incredible Black Friday deals.

This article is created for Samsung SmartThings and VodafoneTV.