Where to eat, drink and play in Auckland this weekend

People clinking beers
Need a little inspiration? We got you covered! Photo credit: Getty.

It's Friday, which means many of us are longing to finish work and start planning some fun weekend activities with friends and family. 

If you need a little inspiration, fear not! Here is the Newshub Lifestyle guide on where to eat, drink and play this weekend. 


If the weather turns crappy - honestly, who can predict Auckland's rain at the moment - head down to Silky Otter cinema in Orakei and catch one of the movies on offer. Just that little bit more luxe than a mall movie theatre offering, the new cinema boasts comfortable armchair seats, with a great wine and beer list.

Also, even if it looks weird, make sure you walk a couple of laps in front of the screen to experience how lush the carpet is. Hot tip: Get a double scoop Duck Island ice-cream - all of the flavour without the usual Ponsonby store queues. 


The team behind Takapuna stalwart The Beer Spot has opened up a new offering in the heart of Morningside, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest suburbs in Auckland. The industrial fit-out and cozy outdoor area make this perfect for a first date or just to catch up with mates for a Sunday session. 

My advice? Order a couple of curries from Tiffin, the superb Indian restaurant next door, and kill the half-hour wait by working your way through one of their beer tasting paddles. 

Or just grab a bite from that week's onsite food truck, they change every week.


My current fave is Ozone Coffee in Grey Lynn - despite the deceiving name, it's not just a cafe for coffee.

They're one of the few all-day offerings in Auckland that actually has a dinner menu - an anomaly but one I want to see more off. If you're going for dinner, get several small plates to share (especially the smoked carrots) and perhaps a pizza. 

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