Why you should never cover a baby's pram in hot weather

Why you should never cover a baby's pram in hot weather
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New parents are being warned of the dangers of covering a baby's pram during hot summer days.

Experts are urging parents to be cautious of potential heat stroke when taking their baby for a stroll in the warm weather.

It's not unusual for parents to cover their baby's pram in an effort to keep the child protected from the sun - yet the seemingly common sense decision comes with a risk. 

Tests conducted by child first-aid trainers, CPR Kids, show a covered pram can be dangerous as it prevents airflow.

"Tying something down quite securely really does restrict air circulation, and that is where the problems come," CPR Kids director Sarah Hunstead told 7 News.

The tests found that even on a mild and breezy day, a covered pram was at least 4°C warmer than the outside conditions.

On hotter days, this temperature disparity could become even greater - resulting in potentially harmful or fatal consequences.

"The temperatures can be 15°C above what is the outside ambient temperature," paediatrician Dr Katie Reeves told 7 News.

It is recommended that parents either keep the pram open (unless in direct sunlight) or use a very light wrap or mesh that allows air to circulate. Parents should always monitor the baby, checking their temperature as needed.

Mesh-covered pram.
Mesh-covered pram. Photo credit: Getty

The easiest way to avoid heat stroke or dehydration is to avoid sweltering weather altogether.

"There's nothing as good as keeping your baby out of the sun during the hot weather, particularly in the middle of the day," Dr Reeves told 7 News.


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