ASOS accused of raising prices ahead of Black Friday to make 'fake' discounts

ASOS accused of raising prices ahead of Black Friday to make 'fake' discounts
Photo credit: Getty / ASOS / Twitter

Online retailer ASOS has been slammed by outraged customers hoping to score a Black Friday bargain, accusing the store of hiking up its prices ahead of the sale to make discounts appear bigger. 

Customers were left with empty carts after the site failed to deliver its promise of up to 70 percent off - instead, they were confronted with questionably high prices and meagre discounts.

Social media rants by disgruntled shoppers came to a common conclusion, with many suggesting ASOS had hiked up its prices ahead of the sale period to create "fake" Black Friday offers.

One Twitter user posted screenshots of a tartan scarf which claimed to be originally priced at £22 (NZ$44.27), now on sale for £15 (NZ$30.18).

"Scamming people about the Black Friday sales, huh?" they captioned the post.

Another unimpressed shopper pointed out a "double-breasted mini blazer dress" that had been discounted to £30 (NZ$60.37) - from £30.

"I really think ASOS need to calm down with the discount," they joked.

Another branded the company as "cheeky", claiming ASOS had increased its original prices to make it seem "like we're getting a bargain when we're paying the actual price".

Other ASOS shoppers alleged that items they had previously purchased had been marked up from the original price they paid. 

"Interesting that I purchased a fleece two weeks ago from ASOS for £45 (NZ$90) that is today reduced from £50 (NZ$100) to £47.50 (NZ$94)... bad form ASOS," another user wrote.

Some saw the price discrepancies as normal behaviour for online retailers.

"Doesn't everyone do this? They'd be increasing the prices a day before and then put it back to the normal price on the day," one woman claimed.

An ASOS spokesperson reiterated to 7 News that the Black Friday sale was legitimate.

"Prices are not increased before promotions go live," she told the outlet.

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