'Brave' naked activists covered in fake blood protest animal rights in Barcelona

Dozens of naked animal rights protesters covered their bodies in fake blood on Sunday (local time) in Barcelona as part of a protest against the fur industry.

The protest, organised by animal rights organisation AnimaNaturalis, took place in the central Catalunya square.

Organisers say more than 32 million animals are "sacrificed and skinned" in the EU every year to provide fur to the clothing industry.

Spain is hosting a two-week global climate summit in Madrid where world leaders will be under pressure to forge ahead with attempts to curb temperature rises.

AnimaNaturalis on Sunday pointed at the meat industry for their role in climate change while calling for the adaptation of a vegan diet to help decrease carbon dioxide levels.

"More than 70 brave activists put themselves in the shoes of the animal victims of the fur and leather industry," the organisation said on Twitter. "Cruelty is not elegant!

"How many lives do you need to make a single fur coat?"

New Zealand vegan activist Dr Michael Morris last week told The AM Show "we don't need to eat animals.

"We cause immense suffering in New Zealand alone," he said. "We kill more animals than we've killed in all the wars in the 20th century," said Morris, a spokesperson for vegan activist group Gummy Bears.

Gummy Bears has been leading an Auckland-wide initiative to place stickers on stop signs so they read "STOP eating animals".

Vegans have upped their activism in New Zealand this year. Last weekend, dozens of activists protested as part of a coordinated, nationwide effort - including a brief disruption of the annual Christmas parade.


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