Bringing pet healthcare into the 21st century

From left Vetty co-founders Jason Meuli, Leon Christensen, and David Walker. Photo credit: Supplied

If you own an inside pet chances are you will have parasites inside your home. 

Most people treat their pets as part of the family, but unknown to a lot of us is how detrimental the parasites they carry can be - not only your pet's health but on your family’s health as well. 

Fleas and worms are prevalent year round, however an explosion of the flea population happens during spring and summer.

Inside pets create the problem as the parasites they carry shed eggs throughout your home, and in places like your couches, carpet and beds.

The problem is you can’t see them when they are eggs, but they are there.

Kiwi owned and operated Vetty has come up with an excellent solution to this niggling problem - by providing regular and correct protection for your pets year round.

Founded by Jason Meuli, Leon Christensen and David Walker, Vetty has brought pet care into the 21st century with an easy to use online subscription service.

They are now taking on the big Australian retail chains with a growing subscriber base of thousands of Kiwi pets.

Newshub spoke to Vetty co-founder and veterinarian Leon Christiansen about the best, and less stressful, ways to properly care for your dogs and cats.

1.         Why you need to treat your animals

It's more important than ever to not forget to give your pet their flea and worm treatment - not just because we're getting into the hot season, but also because of worrying global trends.

"We are seeing more and more animals with sensitivities towards parasites leading to conditions such as eczema which can be very distressing for your pets and can lead to severe skin infections," says Christensen.

Both fleas and worms require on-going treatment. Even if your dog or cat lives inside all the time, they'll still be exposed to some eggs of fleas and worms.

Without constant treatment, your animals will pick up parasites and they can cause them a lot of problems, as well as for you and other humans around them. In particularly young children who are crawling around the home and on lawns where dogs and cats defecate.

2.         Taking the stress out of treatments

Vetty is a service that takes all that stress away.

There are so many different types of flea and worm treatments and it's hard to know what to get. Some don't work very well and some of them definitely shouldn't be mixed with others.

Then you have to remember exactly when to administer them, let alone popping down to the pet store to buy them.

Most of the severe cases Christensen sees are caused by owners being oblivious to how it’s done correctly, not because they’re mistreating their pets.

The service works out what your furry friend needs to stay parasite-free, and for up to 15 percent cheaper than what you'd pay in store, delivers it to your door with free shipping, exactly when you need it.

"The beauty of Vetty is you receive products you know are going to work, and you get them when you need them," says Christensen.


Without constant treatment your pets will pick up parasites causing a lot of problems inside your home. Vetty provides a great solution by providing regular and correct protection. Photo credit: Supplied

3.    New Zealand owned and operated - and vet approved

Vetty uses New Zealand stockists and being co-founded by a vet guarantees they know what they're doing with dosages they send out.

"There's no chance of giving your pet too much treatment or overdosing, so long as you only use what we prescribe," says Christensen.

"The drugs we use are registered in New Zealand, they're manufactured by renowned, reputable companies. Getting the treatments when you need them ensures your pet's health."

4.    Subscription service means less costs

Vetty doesn't lock you into a long-term contract, so anyone can unsubscribe whenever they like. And they're not hiding any costs - everything is laid out on the website, so you'll know what you're signing up for and can compare the prices with what you pay now, if you like.

"We aren't here to make big margins. We're selling these products at the RRP, we're cheaper than most places," says Christensen.

Keeping on top of that on-going treatment is vital to your animal's health and Vetty takes away the stress of having to remember when to treat them and also deciding what products to use.

If you want to make caring for your pet easier than ever, Vetty is a great way to do it. Click here  to find out more.

This article is created with NZ VETCO.