Few Kiwis want to give up smokes and booze for 2020 - survey

In one way, Kiwis are vowing to take better care of the environment in 2020 than themselves, a new survey has found. 

While 34 percent of those asked said "increased environmental consciousness" was one of their resolutions for the new year, only 15 percent promised to try and cut down on cigarettes and alcohol.

But the usual resolutions - exercise and eating better - topped the list, with 53 percent vowing to get fit and 40 percent promising themselves a better diet and more vegetables.

Previous research has found around a quarter of those who vow to quit alcohol fall off the wagon inside just two weeks, and by the start of February people who promise to exercise more have failed at a similar rate.

"Goals can often be a deterrent - they will often stop you enjoying yourself because you're so focused on them and they put too much stress on you," motivational coach John Shackleton told Newshub in January. 

Before the new year, around 20 percent of Kiwis expect to waste a lot of food over the holiday period, the survey found. More than 80 percent of that group expect to waste about twice as much as usual, after overestimating portion sizes (43 percent), buying more ingredients than needed (25 percent) and having to prepare food for fussy eaters (25 percent).

"At this time of year, it can be easy to overestimate the amount of food that will be consumed," said Tom Rutledge of HelloFresh, which commissioned the survey.

"For those of us looking to adopt a more sustainable approach to managing the family's dietary intake, planning ahead is essential."

The survey interviewed 1000 Kiwis.


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