Lonely grandmother's heartbreaking Christmas offer picked up by 21yo pizza chef

A lonely grandmother has made a heartbreaking appeal for company on Christmas Day, sparking a huge response from those offering to join her.  

The US woman posted on online ad board Craiglist, asking "anyone need a Grandma for Christmas?"

"I have nobody and would really like to be a part of a family. I cook and can cook dinner. I'll even bring food and gifts for the kids. I have nobody and it really hurts! Let me be a part of your family." 

The heartbreaking offer from the grandmother.
The heartbreaking offer from the grandmother. Photo credit: Craigslist.

According to the New York Times, it was a plea that broke the hearts of many; but there were also many cruel and cynical comments accusing her of preying on generous families. 

One person even told her to go kill herself.

The woman quickly took down the post, but not before 21-year-old pizza chef Carson Carlock took a screenshot of it. 

Carson told a local television station he usually searched Craigslist for ads giving away free items but the headline looking for a family for Christmas jumped out to him.

He said it broke his heart, and so posted the image on Facebook on December 11 with the hashtag "FINDGRANDMA".

It triggered a massive response, with hundreds of people commenting and sharing the post in an effort to track down the lonely woman. 

The campaign was a success, and eventually Carlock posted an update with the news we all wanted to hear.

"Guess who gets to met Ganma Carrie in an hour? This guy," he wrote.

In an added post, Carlock wrote that Grandma Carrie "is the most loving and sweet person". 

"I wish I could share with you more about her but she has asked to keep it private. She has absolutely loved all the offers and things you guys have said but she wants you to know she will not accept anything from anyone just LOVE! 

"She is so wonderful and I will be seeing her Christmas Day. Thank you guys so much for your support and love. Merry Christmas guys!" 

The post racked up hundreds of comments from those wanting to send well wishes to Granda Carrie.

"Carson please send Carrie a Merry Christmas from me, and Merry Christmas to you too... Hugs, and may there be more kindness in the world," wrote one person. 

"Tell Grandma Carrie we would love to have her visit us in North Carolina. We lost my Mom two years ago today to cancer. I have been lost without her. Grandma Carrie can call or visit anytime," offered another. 

Others requested an address to send cards and Christmas presents to Grandma Carrie. 


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