Man's horrific Christmas Twitter tale of running into ex with wife and children goes viral

church congregation
Ever bumped into your ex at church... while he was with his wife and children? Photo credit: Getty.

If you think you've had an awkward run-in with an ex, we can probably put money on it not being as uncomfortable as this one. 

One Twitter user has shared his horrific tale of bumping into an old hookup while at Christmas midnight mass - while the man was with his wife and children. 

"Just been to midnight mass with my mum and next to me was a man I hooked up with last summer....and next to him was his wife and children that I had no knowledge of," wrote US man Daniel Andrew. 

The Tweet racked up over 2000 shares and almost 20,000 likes and began a story thread almost too horrific to even imagine. 

"Can I add we went on seven dates before he told me couldn't be with me because his job was too hectic. Never realised his job was stay-at-home dad," he added. 

It gets worse. Keeping avid followers updated, Daniel revealed that at the pub following mass, the man and his family were there. 


Instead of quietly leaving with his wife and children, the family man then asked Daniel to meet outside - in messages Daniel promptly screenshotted and shared to Twitter. 

"Let's talk, I can give you Christmas miracle lol xx," the former flame wrote, while with his wife and children. 

"Dan please here me out, when are you back in work? Let's talk please I hav [sic] so much I want to say to you. I can't stop thinking about you."

Things then took a change of pace, when he added: "Santa said you're on the naughty list hehehe"

 When Daniel why his ex never told him that he was married to a woman and had children, his ex simply replied: "I forgot."

He then promised to leave his wife and children for Daniel and sent a series of desperate messages that resulted in "#hellopleasereply" trending on Twitter. 

By the end of the saga, many followers were hooked, praising it as having more Christmas drama than Love Actually.

"This thread is better than EVERY hallmark Christmas movie I watched this season and there were A LOT," wrote one person. 

"This wins Christmas twitter, I’m in equal measures angry for you/wife and family. I’m also just lapping it up," wrote another. 




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