Mountain Dew unveils soda-based body wash

The limited-edition product was sent to friends of the Mountain Dew brand.
The limited-edition product was sent to friends of the Mountain Dew brand. Photo credit: Kayla Ramsey

Mountain Dew may have changed the bubble bath game forever by introducing a soda-based scented soap that could add next-level fizz to your foam.

The beloved soft drink pulled back the shower curtain and unveiled its latest enterprise, the MTN Dew Body Wash Blast, earlier this month - a concept that originated within the depths of Reddit two years ago.

The carbonated cleanser promises "bold kick ass confidence"; a believable claim, given the drink's history as a whiskey mixer. 

"Many of our fans said the same thing: Make. It. Happen," the Mountain Dew team said in a note to Best Products.

"So we did. Who are we to deny DEW nation?"

Whether or not Mountain Dew adds extra dewiness to the complexion is unclear - but the product's "intense citrus" scent may have beauty bloggers scrambling to invest in its potential skincare properties.

Yet like the legendary nature of Cleopatra's donkey milk baths, bathing in Mountain Dew will remain a mystery for the majority of us - for the moment, anyway. Body Wash Blast is not available for purchase - yet - as only 250 bottles were made and sent to friends of the brand.

Judging by the excitement that followed the photoshopped Mountain Dew body wash on Reddit back in 2017, we can only hope the product will be appearing in more of our bathrooms soon. 

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