New Zealand's party centre revealed by new data from Uber

Kiwis love a good party - and new data from Uber reveals the city that loves to party the most.

Surprisingly it's not one of the bigger cities - Hamilton took the crown for party centre of New Zealand with the most rides taken between 2 and 5am over the last year. 

Once they've stumbled out of the club, and all the restaurants are shut, Uber discovered Kiwis turn to a classic meal - meat on chips.

Meat on chips
Meat on chips Photo credit: Reddit

The data showed this delicious, greasy meal was King of the late-night snack, being the most ordered meal after midnight.

An unnamed Turkish restaurant in Christchurch took the crown for the most orders of meat and chips.

Auckland came out on top for generosity. Since the introduction of tipping on the app, 43 riders tipped their drivers the maximum amount of $50.

Auckland also has the best drivers according to the data. The drivers in the City of Sails boast an average rating of 4.85 - that's the best not only in New Zealand, but in Australia too.

Over the last year, Kiwis used Uber from 64 different countries. France, India, Australia, the UK and the US were the most popular travel destinations.