Ormiston Pak'nSave worker's heartwarming Christmas act of generosity

A supermarket worker has shown the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Ormiston by helping out a family struggling to pay for groceries. 

In an anonymous post sent into Samoa Ono ValuLima's Facebook page, a family member wrote about their "mum, sister and kids" having an interaction with a "good Samaritan" at the Ormiston Pak'nSave checkout last weekend.  

"They bought some groceries but had to leave some of the kids food, due to not having enough money," the person explained.

But the "God-given young lady" at the checkout wasn't having it, and quickly left "to grab something", much to the confusion of the family. 

"When she came back she gave my mum $30 back and paid for the rest of their shopping, including the stuff they had left behind."

The anonymous writer said they wanted to "acknowledge this Samaritan for her kind heart and willingness to give".  

"I pray God fills up what has been emptied and continues to bless you and your family uso, just as we are making ends meet you pop up out of nowhere and give us the best gift of all. Loves up! 

"Faamanuia le Atua." (God bless)

A fellow shopper commented on the post, saying they had seen the checkout worker rushing to get her wallet. 

"I was shopping this night at the same place and time, but I thought she was doing her own lil shopping on her break cause how she was rushing," wrote Tafa Mata'afa.

"She even said excuse me to me as she went to the counter but, little did I know she was being an angel.

"Just wow. God bless her and defs gonna give her a heads up when I see her on my next shop. Thank you for sharing."

The post has racked up almost 2500 likes and 300 shares, with many commenters praising the woman for such a heartwarming act, especially at Christmas. 

"Wow it's so good to see things like this. How people can really help. You know we don't know what the other person is going through. But something little like this can really touch someone's heart. Blessed," wrote one person. 

"Kindness goes a long way. May God bless you tenfold! Your parents must be very proud of you and knowing you possess such a rare quality to find!" wrote another. 

The writer says they're hoping to track the woman down, to thank her personally.