Research shows what we really want for Christmas

Research shows what we really want for Christmas
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Research has revealed what Kiwi really want for Christmas.

The Commission for Financial Capability (CFCC) has found that - surprisingly - presents are far down the list of what New Zealanders look forward to this time of the year.

Peter Cordtz, Interim Retirement Commissioner, told MagicTalk that research the organisation has done in the last couple of years shows the top three things people look forward to in Christmas.

Time with family was by far the most important, with 62 percent of people rating it as number one; summer weather came at 37 percent and 33 percent rated time off work.

"Those are things that don't cost you anything," said Cordtz.

But there is as much anxiety as there is excitement about Christmas.

People are most anxious about rampant commercialism, the shopping experience and money pressure and expectation around buying.

Cordtz said although receiving presents is well down the list, giving gifts creates the most anxiety for people.

"One of the things that last year's research showed was that people have a perception that everyone is spending far more than you and that's just not the case."

Due to the stress of Christmas shopping, people are pushing back on spending limits.

"40 percent of people are agreeing to spending limits with family or not buying gifts at all." 

CFFC research also reveals only 13 percent of people rate giving or exchanging gifts as something they look forward to.

Cordtz said it's good to set rules and agree to spending limits to relieve stress.

"The key to relieving that stress is talking to family."

Cordtz said having a conversation with family has become an important part of breaking the cycle as it gives you permission not to break the bank and enjoy Christmas.