Restaurant gives vegan woman single slice of banana and candle as birthday 'treat'

It can be tough finding vegan items on restaurant menus, but in 2019 most places have stepped up their game with plant-based options. 

However, one Twitter user has shown there's still a long way to go, by sharing the sad surprise she received after a celebratory dinner. 

"I went out for my birthday and I'm vegan so they gave me a single slice of banana instead of cake," wrote Yazmin. 

She shared a photo of the slice of banana in the middle of the dish accompanied by 'Happy Birthday' written in chocolate syrup, which Yazmin later confirmed to be vegan - a nice touch. 

The tweet has racked up over 8000 shares and almost 60,000 likes, with many fellow vegans sharing their own disastrous birthday 'treats' - including this sad tale from Logan.

"One time I went out for my birthday and they gave me a cup of ice with a cherry on top," he revealed.

"I got a half-peeled orange with a candle lol," recounted another Twitter user. 

"I too am vegan and one time one of my colleagues was moving to another store and he got everyone cookies and me a celery stick," wrote another. 

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