'Sausages of Asian cuisine': House of Dumplings ditches prawn over seafood concerns

Ha believes people should know what is in their food.
Ha believes people should know what is in their food. Photo credit: House of Dumplings/Supplied.

Popular food company House of Dumplings has stopped using prawn as an ingredient over supply chain concerns. 

Owner Vicky Ha made the decision after noticing the industry uses low-quality meat and seafood, cheap fillers and flavour enhancers without customers' knowledge. 

"Most manufacturers will not know where their prawns are coming from unless they own their own farm," Ha told Newshub. 

"We’re highlighting the real processes in food manufacturing so consumers can know exactly where their food comes from." 

 She says people should know what is in their food and whether it is being collected in an ethically friendly way. 

"It's a dead-end, most people don't care, they just sell prawns and that's it."

Ha said this needs to change.

"When consumers don't ask questions, they don't put pressure on manufacturers and no one cares".  

Ha's decision to remove prawn dumplings off the lineup was further encouraged by reports of child labour and slavery in the supply chain. 

She is also worried about the use of antibiotics used to combat the white spot disease found in prawns. 

"We eat with eyes, and we also eat with our wallets. Too often people are lured in by quantity rather than quality."  

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