UK mother slams dad for getting naked in the men's changing room in bizarre rant

lockers at swimming pool
The woman seemed shocked the man was getting naked in front of his daughters, in the pool's changing area. Photo credit: Getty.

A UK mother has described her horror at seeing a dad of three daughters strip naked in the men's changing room of a public swimming pool, much to the confusion of the internet. 

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman wrote that she had arrived early with her two-year-old son to his swimming lesson, so decided to wait in the changing room. 

She explained that she uses the men's changing room as the women's is "usually crowded" as there are "less dads at lessons".

The woman said that there was a dad in there getting his daughters dressed after swimming when she and her son entered. But then the father got dressed after his children, which led to what she labelled the "bizarre" incident. 

"He drops his pants and is stark naked in front of his daughters. He is also by the door, so if another parent was coming in their child would have walked into his penis! And it wasn't less than a minute because he was drying himself as well," she claimed. 

The mother said there were cubicles, and suggested the man could have used a towel. 

"His bum was also hairy and unattractive," she noted. 

"Why would an adult choose to get naked in a dressing room at a swim lesson for children with strangers around?

"[Am I being unreasonable] to find it bizarre?"

The post has racked up almost 800 comments, but it's safe to say they were not what the mother was expecting. Confused fellow mothers questioned why she was even in the male changing room in the first place, and why she was surprised to see nudity. 

"You were sat in a changing room and you are shocked at someone getting changed? I'm confused?" one person commented.

"I don't think it's weird if he's in the men's changing room," another said.

"So you were upset because you saw a man's penis in a male changing room?" someone else remarked.

But a few others agreed with the woman that it was inappropriate, especially with children in the changing room. 

"Not OK in my opinion. I wouldn't get my fanny out in a room with men and other people's children around me," wrote one woman. 

"It's not his daughters I'd be concerned about but the other kids and adults!" wrote another.