UK supermarket shoppers' Christmas 'ruined' by rancid, rotting turkeys

People were revolted by their Christmas chickens and turkeys.
People were revolted by their Christmas chickens and turkeys. Photo credit: @gossini80/Twitter.

Christmas took a gross turn for some UK shoppers who unknowingly bought rotting poultry from supermarket companies Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons.

Upon opening their Christmas turkeys and chickens, people were revolted to discover the birds were decaying, discoloured and covered in green mould. 

Many scrambled to buy new chickens and turkeys as the poultry had gone off before its expiration date. 

Angry shoppers posted on social media, targeting the companies.

One person said "AldiUK can you explain to me, why a chicken we purchased from your store that clearly states Boxing Day as the use-by date, is absolutely rancid?

"It's turned green and the smell of ammonia has gone through the house. Merry Christmas!"

Another person took a picture of a rotting turkey and tagged Tesco's Twitter page with the caption "Well done @Tesco you've ruined Christmas!"

One person said even their dog started gagging from the smell.

Some people found problems with other products. 

One woman was left without Christmas stuffing after opening a "mouldy and disgusting" bag of whole chestnuts she bought from Dagenham Aldi.

Another woman discovered that her Christmas pudding was covered with mould. 

'We are sorry that, in a small number of instances, we did not meet our usual high-quality standards," said an Aldi spokesperson.

A Tesco spokeperson also issued an apology. 

"The turkey is an important part of many Christmas dinners, so we take great care when selecting and preparing our turkeys.

'We're sorry to hear about this incident and if Beth returns the product to one of our stores we can investigate further."

Morrisons has not yet made a comment. 

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