US family's revenge on front-stoop thief with a package of dirty nappies

woman carrying boxes off front step
The US mother hatched a revenge plan. Photo credit: Getty.

At this time of year, opportunistic thieves are on the lookout for enticing packages full of presents delivered and left outside homes by couriers - very Grinchy. 

But one US porch pirate received a smelly surprise when nicking a package off the front step of a Missouri home. 

The woman reportedly decided enough was enough after having two packages stolen from in front of her house, including clothes for their newborn baby daughter. 

"I felt violated. It's not a good feeling," the mother, who chose not to be named, told local news media. 

"The best way to deal with things is to have a good sense of humour about it."

So she hatched a revenge plan, after catching the thief on the home's security system. 

thief stealing box of dirty nappies
The thief was caught on the home's security system. Photo credit: KSDK.

The family planted a package on their porch - this time not filled with Christmas goodies. 

 "We put two dirty diapers in there, flipped them inside out, put them in the Amazon package, sealed them up, put them in the door," the mother said.

According to the CCTV, the thief returned a day later and took the box full of faeces. 

"She got the special surprise from my daughter," the woman told local television station KSDK, adding it was "justice". 

According to Yahoo, a local police officer said that while the idea was creative, "we do not particularly encourage the transfer of bodily fluids".

A female suspect was reportedly arrested on the weekend after the family turned the footage over to police. 

While this unorthodox method may be satisfying, it's probably a better idea to make sure all packages getting delivered to your home are signed for, or hidden in places out of sight.