US woman reveals horrifying botched surgery after bum implants painfully rotate inside her

A US woman has shared the shocking reality of plastic surgery going bad, after her newly installed butt implants flipped "painfully" inside her. 

Georgia local Jabrena appeared recently on E! Channel show Botched, explaining she originally had the surgical procedure as a way of improving her "beanpole" physique. 

But she says she was left in excruciating pain from the implants, which made obvious misshapen outlines on her skin. 

She told celebrity surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif: "Two weeks after surgery the swelling started to kind of go down and you could see the implant kind of on the side. It was like a crease." 

 To make matters worse, it's said the implants went on to flip "four or five times a week".

"It's very uncomfortable. Like, it hurts," she explained. 

Jabrena butt implants
Jabrena was distressed by her "painful" implants. Photo credit: E!

After examining her, the surgeons realised the implant was too small for the pocket which had been cut for them in Jabrena's flesh. 

Because of this 'implant malposition', they were moving around inside her body.

The implants continued to flip inside her body.
The implants continued to flip inside her body. Photo credit: E!

Jabrena's original surgeon offered to try to fix her posterior for NZ$5900, but she decided to seek a second opinion on the reality TV show. 

To fix the botched surgery, Dr Dubrow suggested a " fat flap transfer and buttock lift". According to the official E! website, the 600cc implants were removed along with 500cc of fluid.  

After her successful surgery, Jabrena voiced her joy at having a bottom she thought "might make the Kardashians jealous".

"Thanks to Dr Dubrow, I am finally free of my honk butt and now I finally have that cute toot butt that I've always wanted," she says.

Fixed bum implant surgery
The surgery was a success. Photo credit: E!

It's not the first botched surgery to hit headlines. Last year, a New Zealand woman's horrific botched breast surgery prompted warnings about overseas jobs.