Visitors, pain, no privacy: Mummy blogger's heartbreaking post about post-birth reality

Katie Bowman after giving birth
Katie Bowman shared the image in solidarity with other new mothers. Photo credit: Facebook.

A mummy blogger has written a brutally honest post describing the reality of the first few days that follow childbirth. 

Aussie woman Katie Bowman, 29, documents her life as a military wife and mother-of-three on her Facebook page 'Living My Family Life'. 

The stay-at-home mum and hairdresser recently posted a throwback photo of her the day after giving birth to her eldest daughter, looking exhausted and zoned out. 

In the post, which has now gone viral, she documents the first days after birth, where groups of excited visitors playing "pass the parcel" with your new baby is "the last thing you then want". 

Bowman writes of the overwhelming number of visitors, immense pain and lack of privacy. 

"When you've had had a tiny human emerge from [your] body, you're expected to be ready to get pictures and chat to family and friends, all while you sometimes haven't even had a chance to have a shower or go to the loo," she recounts. 

"Everyone wants the bragging rights to say they saw the new baby within 24 hours. They simply must satisfy their need to hold this new baby. If you don't allow them to come visit you in the hospital, you're a selfish, delicate, drama queen."

Bowman says she never expected it would be so difficult asking friends and family to stay away for a day, often getting the response: 'It'll just be a quick visit.'

"You're too tired to argue, so you sit and wait for them to get their baby fix."

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Bowman says she posted the photo to remind people to be more considerate of new parents. 

"The next time someone you know has a baby, remember how tired this new mother looks. I know you are excited, but remember it is not your right to visit a new baby, it is a privilege. 

"If that offends you, go home and put it in your burn book."

The post has racked up over 83,000 shares and 11,000 comments, with many mothers sharing their own stories of being overwhelmed following the birth of their children. 

"I'm six weeks postpartum with my first child. This makes me cry because it's so true - I asked everyone to not come to the hospital [and] explained that I just was it to be bonding time for us as a new family," one woman wrote.

"Not a single person listened. People flew in from out of state, drove 4+ hours all while I'm in labour. 

"All I wanted was sleep and to cuddle with my new baby. When I finally expressed how stressed I was by everything and everyone I was told how disrespectful I was being."

Another wrote that the picture broke her heart. 

"My husband's aunt and grandma still don't talk to us because I asked if they could wait a couple of days to see our son because I was overwhelmed and that was almost seven years ago."

"I've already had 10 different people ask me to be in the room when I give birth," wrote a pregnant follower. "When I tell them no, they act like it's the end of the world and most of them who have asked haven't checked on me a single time during my pregnancy."